SQM Ultrasol K Product Launch

  • By Leads Agri
  • October 6, 2015
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The long wait is over, KNO3 from LEADS Agri and SQM is now available for your mangoes: ULTRASOL K!

About the Product:

  • Covers the potassium needs of a crop without supplying excess of sulphate or chloride.
  • A free-flowing, fine crystalline powder that quickly dissolves water.
  • Very low in chloride, sodium, and heavy metals.
  • Can be used as foliar fertilizer and be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers.
  • Reduces fruit drop
  • Uniform fruit set
  • Compatible with majority of pesticides in foliar application.


LEADS and SQM launched Ultrasol K in Ilocos, one of the largest areas in terms of the population with 16,000 Mango trees. Mr. Ricardo Tolentino, the Mango King, long been a LEADS partner, Domark Pro user, attentively asked listened and enthusiastically asked questions.

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The main speaker, from SQM, flew all the way from Belgium, Dr. Steeve Oosthuyse has been involved in the Mango Industry for 25 years. He first worked with Merensky Holdings as Head of the Mango Research Department in 1990. He is currently the Market Development Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa for SQM. Dr. Oosthuyse has authored several books about Mango Production.

_MG_0453 _MG_0465 Dr. Steeve Ooosthuys’s technical presentation for Ultrasol K presented his years of studying Mangoes in different countries. He has done various experiments of using different kinds of nitrates and found potassium nitrate as the most effective in causing the mango trees to bear similar fruit sizes and in reducing fruit drop. Come to the Mango Congress in Cebu in October and hear Dr. Steve again talk about the benefits of using Ultrasol K.

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A complete photo of the speakers and attendees.

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After the launch the folks from SQM went to do a quick tour at one of Mang Carding’s Mango farms.

Written by: Mara Balayan