“School is Cool, and so is Agriculture!” at Bigte Elementary School

  • By Leads Agri
  • August 15, 2015
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The company values education and believes in the empowerment it gives. Since 2007, LEADS has been awarding the LEADS Agri Pinoy Scholarship Grant to selected students in support of their education. This August 2015, LEADS Agri has chosen two schools, AM-AM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and BIGTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as beneficiaries of the project: School is Cool and so is Agriculture! LEADS Agri partnered with National Book Store and Maped to provide basic school supplies to elementary students. Employees also shelled out from their own pockets to purchase slippers, candies, and snacks to share to the kids. The company’s affiliate, LEADS Environmental Health performed fogging at the school area as part of the activity under their Iwas Dengue Campaign.


Bigte Elementary School, located a few blocks away from the LEADS warehouse in Bulacan was picked as the company aims to continue what it has started years back. On August 8, 2015, LEADS visited the school and led a program for the students from Kindergarten to Grade 2, and their parents.

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Various representatives from the different departments of LEADS Agri including Logistics, Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing were present. The VP for Marketing and the Regional Sales Manager also joined the event. Fun and challenging games were played by the kids. The well-loved and ever famous Pandoy stole the show as soon as he was set out on the dance floor. The kids surely enjoyed the event. At the end of the activity, the School Faculty Staff, Parents and Students, thanked LEADS for a wonderful activity. In return, the hearts of all LEADS Agri and LEADS EH folks were all swelled up and all full of happiness as well.

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