Off the Beaten Path: Upland Sales Caravan 2015

  • By Leads Agri
  • March 19, 2015
  • Categories: News

A bi-annual Sales Caravan is held in Mountain Province and Benguet. This started way, way back, since LEADS started operations. Last February, 32 of LEADS Agri field force from Luzon traveled to the area to conduct simultaneous meetings to various sitios and barangays. A total of 180 meetings were successfully held in three days. The objective of the event is to reach and educate farmers whose gardens/farms are not easily accessible from the main towns. Through the caravan, LEADS Agri provides information to help control pests and diseases and help the farmers get higher yields.

One of the strengths of the company is having a wide range of products that is tailored fit to the different problems of our Filipino farmers. For upland vegetables, LEADS has a complete Vegetable Management Solution. During the caravan, the team fortified the products of LEADS Agri which include the following:

Herbicide: Agil 100 EC, Afalon 50 WP
Insecticide: Black Hawk 40 SL, Pleo 10 EC, Aztron WDG
Fungicide: Stadio M, Manager Blue 8 WP, Leadonil 500 SC
Foliar Fertilizer: Calirus 150

For more information on these products, you may visit the products page or contact us customessaysinuk.co.uk directly.

This particular time is harvest season for most of the upland farmers. This leaves the farmers really busy during the day. In some of the meetings, the team went to the gardens and happily helped with the vegetative, harvesting, and post-harvest practices. The farmers are genuinely kind that they would always share some produce to the team. Here are some of the photos taken during the 3-day event.

off the beaten path (1)

 Post-harvest practice: Radish washing being done before bringing the goods to the trading post.


off the beaten path (7)

How to harvest carrots: First the protruding leaves will have to be chopped off. Next, farmers manually uproot the carrots.


off the beaten path (5)
While the farmers harvest carrots, the team helped and gave some tips.


off the beaten path (3)
Helping in manual weeding of Chinese cabbage.


off the beaten path (12)


off the beaten path (10)

180 Meetings were successfully done in three days.


off the beaten path (9)


off the beaten path (11)


off the beaten path (15)

LEADS Sales explaining the features, benefits and proper use of products.


off the beaten path (14)
Boys from Calabarzon helping out up north.


Strawberry land-owner bought a lot of Calirus and Cartap at the on-site selling.


off the beaten path (2)
Trading post where the farmers’ produce gets to be sold.