Aztron ang Solusyon: A Vegetable Ricorida and Pest Clinic

  • By Leads Agri
  • November 4, 2015
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One of DA’s projects, Agri Pinoy Trading Post, is accomplished in Dalaguete Cebu. It serves as a drop-off point for farmers harvest and a selling space for traders. It was a good spot to conduct the Pest Clinic, where farmers brought in their sick plants and LEADS team helped identify and provide solutions. From the streets of Dalaguete leading to the Agri Pinoy Trading Post, Pandoy and a band made some noise and entertained the farmers, traders, and buyers in the area.


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Mr. Paterno Beldan is a user of Aztron. He is one of the biggest land owners of vegetable farm in Brgy. Tabon, Dalaguete, Cebu. He was experiencing trouble with pests in cabbage. The first insecticide that he was using was no longer effective as it had developed resistance. Good thing our sales manager was able to pay his farm a visit and recommended Aztron, an organic product of LEADS Agri which best fights insect pests in cabbage especially DBM.

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With the active ingredient, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. aizawa, Aztron provides the following features and benefits:


  • Natural Living Insecticide
  • Guaranteed Killing Mechanisms
  • Extremely Selective Against Lepidopterous worms
  • Approved for Organic Production
  • Exceptional Formulation

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Written by: Mara Balayan