Annual Sales Conference and Ati-Atihan ’16

  • By Leads Agri
  • January 27, 2016
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Much like how the year usually begins with reminiscing the best of the past year, so much is true as well for the LEADS family. The 18th Annual Sales Conference was held at the Aklan State University from January 14-17, 2016. It is held every year to highlight the past year’s achievements and the new possibilities for 2016.


 In recognition of achievements

One of the highlights of this four-day event is the awarding of exemplary employees. Loyalty, Perseverance, and Innovation were the common characteristics in all of this year’s awardees. They also served as great models for the rest of the team to strive better this 2016. This ceremony highlighted how 2015 was an inspiring year as LEADS did better than 2014, regardless of all the circumstances. The awards night gave a deeper sense of purpose for everyone to be better this 2016!


In festive moods

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The third day marked the time for relaxation and festivities. The team held big smiles as everyone enjoyed walking under the sun while surrounded by the colorful Ati tribes. The adopted tribe of the company, donned in vibrant green and gold, paraded along the streets of the plaza. With the adorable and energetic Pandoy spearheading LEADS’ section of the parade, kids and foreigners alike took a shot at having their photo taken with everyone’s favorite farmer mascot.




The four-hour walk proved to be a strong statement for LEADS. The employees walking together caught the eyes of spectators as the whole team was dressed in Serenity (blue), the pantone color for 2016. Hopefully, it wasn’t only the shirts or the costumes of tribe that caught everyone’s attention but also the underlying vision that these symbolize: a stand to help Filipino Farmers everywhere.


In reverence to the Sto. Nino

As part of the annual devotion of the Malveda Family and their extended LEADS family, everyone rose up early for the last day despite the exhaustion from dancing and revelling with strangers and friends alike during the previous afternoon.


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The plaza in front of the Church was jam-packed with Mass goers. Even the sun was up and shining as early as 7:00 am! The Leads family celebrated the Mass together as a big Thank You for a successful Sales Conference and everyone’s effort in achieving the previous year’s goals. With bigger hearts filled with hope, the team returned to their homes that afternoon, ready to work again towards reaching the future they envision.


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Written by: Kharl Manlutac and Ginelle Rivera