LEADS Agricultural Products celebrated its 20th Year Anniversary last Feb 10, 2017, a day early, at the Conrad Hotel Manila.

It was graced by farmers, employees of LEADS Agri, LEADS EH, and LEADS AH, partner suppliers, distributors from all over the PH islands, financing partners, representatives from government regulatory bodies, LEADS Angat Pinoy scholars, and friends. The support was overwhelming! There was even a distributor from Isabela whose flight to Manila got cancelled but opted to travel via land at the last minute so as not to miss the event.




The celebration was honoured by an inspirational speech from the current FPA Executive Director, Mr. Wilfredo Roldan. He ended with everyone up on their toes and proudly chanting the tagline of LEADS, “Masaganang Ani, Masaganang Buhay!”

The event was loaded with awards for everyone who has been contributing to make the company the strong rock that it is. The most exciting were the Lotus and Golden Lotus Awards as these are most-awaited and most-coveted awards for the employees. Every year, the President selects a handful of people who have contributed above and beyond expectation for the betterment of the company. This year’s recognition was a tad more special as it was presented in front of 500 folks! Surprise videos from close family members were shown and brought tears to the awardees. Angat Saka 2016 Regional Winners were also awarded; farmers with the highest yield increase were recognized on stage. Of course, our event will not be complete without our grateful appreciation of the farmers.




They say that 20 years is a span of a generation. The President, in his key note speech, chronicled how LEADS came about, and recalled all of the milestones that he deemed impossible before. It started with a dream, and though all is real now, the moment felt magical like a dream.  The treasure box that contains all of the well wishes from the guests was handed over from the President to the EVP. It was a ceremonial act where it all comes full circle.

The EVP quoted Spiderman and Batman in his speech and later referred to the employees as the real superheroes. Being the visionary man that he is, a lot is in store for the company under his leadership. The farmer is never just a farmer in his point of view. He always strives to give the farmers more because he knows how much more they deserve to get. The sweetest was when he ended his speech mentioning his mother and his wife who are both wind beneath his and his father’s wings, for without whom, all of their successes are unattainable.



More photos from the event:



A toast to the future!



Everyone looked fashionable in their modern Filipiniana outfits.



Farmer Pandoy and Pandoy in Barong roaming Forbes Ballroom and charming the guests.



Pangkat Kawayan enlivened the guests with their musical talent.


Photos grabbed from our coordinator Francy’s Event Management’s Facebook Page

Written by: Mara Balayan

Kalinga is the Filipino word for care. LEADS is a family run corporation with a big heart. The owners never thought that they would be blessed with so much since their humble beginnings, so now they never forget to give back. The company would like to extend its care not only to its employees and direct partners, but also to the community at large.

Twenty different kinds of giving back activities will be done as part of the 20th Year celebration of LEADS.  True to its vision to help farmers and local communities to have better lives, initiatives supporting education, giving farming machineries, releasing of relief goods, encouraging the use of technologies, etc. will be done in a two year-stretch. Surprise farmer visit activities will also be done to make the farmers & local communities feel loved, important, and cared for. Fund raising activities, sponsorships, and LEADS CSR funds will be used to finance the programs.

We are looking for partners and sponsors who would like to donate to widen our network of communities touched. Please feel free to write us at marketing@leadsagri.com.


Written by: Mara Balayan

As LEADS turns 20 years old, it is strengthening its core operations while continually expanding its services. The management believes in the importance of having standards that would propel the company to demonstrate its consistency in providing quality products, services and systems, safety and efficiency. As a first step, LEADS worked to get the ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System Registration.

ISO or the International Organization for Standardization is a network of national standard bodies and has 161 member countries. They started in 1946 and have published 21000 standards since then. They help business reduce cost by minimizing waste and increasing productivity. The world-class standards also help level the playing field for developing countries.




As of February 7, 2017, LEADS Agricultural Products Corp is now ISO 9001:2015 Registered. The certifying body is NQA Philippines, accredited by UKAS. LEADS was able to secure the registration under the new standard with zero nonconformities and good findings within its core processes.

From Top Management to all employees, LEADS Agri is committed to abide by its Quality Policy and meet the Quality Objectives they’ve set for themselves. LEADS is ready to continuously enhance customer satisfaction through efficient systems that meet applicable requirements.


Written by: Mara Balayan



Gawad Kalinga (GK) is a Philippine-based movement whose vision is to build a nation empowered by people with faith and patriotism. It aims to end poverty and put together caring and sharing communities. Couples for Christ is the mind behind the GK concept of building homes.




Gawad Kalinga in Los Banos started in February 2007. GK Los Banos Ville, as it is fondly called, is a 1.9 hectare land in Tuntungin-Putho housing 238 families. Most of the indigent families that are now here used to reside along the treacherous PNR railroad tracks and the eastern creeks of Mount Makiling.


Ruben Villareal, the so-called “Grandfather of GK LB Ville” is a good friend and fraternity brother of the President of LEADS Agri. Their brotherhood proved to be of great synergy. LEADS Agri became a big contributor to the development of the community mainly through the building of the LEADS Center and the yearly GK LEADS Agri Scholarship grants.


The LEADS Center, built by LEADS employees themselves, is situated at the highest point of the community. It is a nice quiet place close to nature. It has a viewing deck where the sunrise can be seen. The place has been used to host Couples for Christ meetings, to receive students on retreat, and to accommodate guests. The Center has 4 bedrooms and can accommodate around 10 people. It was primarily built as a livelihood center to host workshops for the ladies of the community. Sewing machines are provided and encouraged to be used.


Every year, 10 slots of LEADS AgriPinoy Scholars are allocated for the GKLB Ville. Word got out and when chance presents itself, aspiring scholars eagerly compete to get freed up slots. An interview with the current scholars revealed how becoming a LEADS scholar has changed them unexpectedly. The kids talked about how important education was for them; their dreams and future hopes. Most of them narrated how their personalities were improved. Their confidence levels were boosted as they are also being trained to become leaders.


The GK scholars involve themselves in initiatives in the community. They tutor kids, they are active in church service, and they are committed to pay it forward.

The GK community is a very heart warming place to be in. We encourage you to visit too! Several projects are still on-going and a helping hand is very much welcome.

Written by: Mara Balayan