The First Off Road Challenge in Polomolok was sponsored by Leads Agri. Mango contractors don’t do spraying 24/7; turns out they also have big toys they like to play with. Off road – is racing that doesn’t occur on the race track. Actually the track they used is full of huge stones—an old river, it was perfect. Of course the rocks gave the needed challenge, and the water splashes added to the complexity of the track.

They apparently break these 4x4s, fix them, and ride them to break again. It was an awesome experience watching them play, at times, heart stopping. A huge crowd gathered to watch a first in Polomolok. There were two tracks – one for beginners and one for experts. The track for experts sure did a lot of damage to some of the 4x4s, some teams had to stay until sundown to fix their toys.

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Among the Mango contractors that graced the event include Mr. Roldan Labra, and Mr. Ahmed Labra and Mr. Roel Labra of Nick’s Agri. Watch the event below!

Written by: Mara Balayan