The first ever Mango Harvest Festival in Pampanga was held last January 14, 2015 at the farm contracted by Mr. Frederico “Master” Manalad, in Brgy. Sta. Maria, Mexico, Pampanga. The event was joined by around ninety (90) mango contractors from various areas including Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Cavite and Pampanga. The Harvest Festival showcased LEADS’  Mango Management Solution. As part of its Mango Management Solution, LEADS’ launched Domark Pro, a dual action product which prevents and cures common Mango diseases such as stem end rot, scab, and anthracnose, last August (year). Majority of the attendees of this launch came back and eagerly checked the efficacy of Domark Pro as they roamed around the Mango Farm contracted by Mr. Frederico, commonly called the“Master” and the patriarch of the Manalad brothers—well -known mango contractors in Pampanga.







Last season had not been favourable to mango contractors, because of natural flowering causing mango prices to drastically drop. This season, hopes to recover the loss from last season were in vain, there was no flowering even when induced and flashing occurred, most of the contractors didn’t push for another spraying due to the cost incurred. But Mr. Frederico, and a few contractors were brave enough to risk in the mango business again and sprayed one last time and Alas! It was able to bear flowers.






Mr. Frederico is  a first time user of Domark Pro and was very pleased with the results that he gained. He was one of the farmers who attended the product launch of Domark Pro last August and although he used to be a loyal user of a different brand, this season, he switched and tried Domark Pro, along with the other products included in LEADS’ Mango Management Solution like LEADS Cartap ES, Bugbuster, Starkle, LEADS  Malathion, Mega Booster and Blackhawk.






Even under stressed conditions, he was able to reach 2.6M sales from the 163 mango trees, with this, he was not only able to profit, but also recover what he had lost last season. Since only few contractors braved the conditions, the market price of one kaing (25 kg.) of mango is being sold P1100.






All went home with high hopes to improve yields for the next season by using Domark Pro and the rest of LEADS’ Mango Management Solution.