One of the company’s Visions is to Help Filipino Farmers become Successful Entrepreneur in their own field.  So the company always aligns its programs to be able to bring back something to the Farmer. For 2014, LEADS created the program Kasangga ni Pandoy Raffle Promo in Baguio area, to encourage farmers to purchase LEADS quality products like Afalon, Aztron, Armor, Leadonil, Pleo, Starkle, Stadio M, Cartap and Manager, and at the same time to give farmers a chance to win useful equipment for their farming use.

The raffle promo ran from April 25 to November 30, 2014 and was broken into 2 draws. The initial draw was held last July 14, 2014. The program usually starts with product introduction before the initial draw; there were25 lucky winners of knapsack sprayers and 1 lucky winner of Honda XR 125. Below is the list of winners from the First Raffle Draw:

Kasangga FIRST DRAW winners



Five months after, the most awaited Grand Raffle Draw was conducted at Benguet State University Loo Buguias Benguet on 15th December, 2014 wherein an Elf Truck and 25 Knapsack Sprayers were up for grabs. The said event was supported by1 distributor, LEADS Sales and Marketing teams, and Mr. Ralph Altiyen, the DTI representative. A total of 180 farmers participated in the said draw. It started with James Soyon the Area Manager introducing the company and its products to the farmers. The farmers were later given a chance to ask questions about the products being discussed but since majority of the farmers were shy, and with James being a crowd charmer, he ended up asking questions and testing the farmers of their comprehension of the product instead. He raffled off some apparels to encourage participation.


KNP (258)


When it was time for the grand raffle to be drawn, excitement was seen in the eyes of the farmers. They were eagerly waiting for their names to be drawn. The 25 minor prizes were initially picked, with the DTI confirming the details and winners. Majority of the winners were present to acknowledge their prizes. Below is the list of winners from the Grand Raffle Draw:


Kasangga GRAND DRAW winners


KNP (293)


KNP (298)


KNP (341)


Then the time for the Grand Draw, Ms. Imee Chun, the Marketing Manager was tasked to draw the lucky farmer, his name is DOMINGO MAYONES, a cutflower farmer. Initially, he thought that the call from the DTI was a joke, but eventually after our Area Manager was able to talk to him in their own local dialect, he was able to finally acknowledge the authenticity of the win. The group met with him over dinner since He was not present in the event. The Leads team was invited to visit his farm in Brgy. Asin, Tuba, Benguet wherein he rents a 3 hectares land to cultivate roses.


KNP (4)


KNP (8)


Mr. Mayones, was an OFW in South Korea, he recently just returned to the Philippines to create a family of his own. He started as a vegetable farmer but eventually switched to cutflower to earn more money. Even though it is much harder to grow flowers, the earning is much better than growing vegetables.  He is a LEADS product user already purchasing Mower, Manager BG, Calirus, Leadonil and Starkle. The group was able to roam around his farm and discovered some scale pest infestation in the portion of the farm not using LEADS products. It was a good opportunity as the technical sales were able to recommend correct application of fungicide and insecticide to prevent further infestation. The group ended the farm visit with a nice picnic in his area as his way of thanking LEADS. It was indeed an early Christmas for Mr. Mayones and His Family. He will be using the truck to deliver his roses to the market place or bagsakan centers.


KNP (96)


Congratulations again to all our winners!