LEADS Agri participated in the 3 days Mango congress held in Digos City in Mindanao. The event was attended by Mango top growers, private sector proponents, and LGU regional representative nationwide who discussed best practices for growing Mango and gave updates on Mango supply chain. LEADS Agri was able to get a slot to introduce our best protocol to help farmers achieve productive and efficient product yield.

Our very own Area Marketing Manager, Lito Wamelda, was our speaker and he discussed the farmers’ tested protocol and applied LEADS products to enhance production. Mr. Ricardo Tolentino was also present in the event to share his best practice in mango production. He bragged about using only DOMARK Pro as a tested product that ensured his efficient mango production and was able to maintain the quality yield he always wanted. The 3 day event was a success; the attendees learned something from the event.


mango digos (9)

mango digos (10)






After a day with flowers, on October 29, 2014, the whole Visayas team went to visit the vegetable farmers in Bagbag, Cebu. The team went with Pandoy to do initial introduction before stopping to talk to farmers in the area. For the final stop, they went to the Bagsakan market to promote the products. Eugene Leyson and Eugene Tabas spoke in Cebuano to encourage farmers to try LEADS products. They gave samples and threw in some long sleeves to liven up the small event. The dealer in the area was very happy with the turnout of event.



vege reco


vege recorida (2)


vege recorida (1)

Written by: Imee Chun

Last October 28, 2014, the whole Visayas team, led by their Regional Manager, went to Babag, Cebu to promote LEADS Agri products to cutflower farmers. Products such as Mower, Cartap, Starkle, Stadio M, Atrakorn, Blackhawk and Manager were recommended to flower vendors. Pandoy, the official mascot of LEADS Agri, and a set of bands went to the barangays to bring some noise and get farmers’ attention. Pandoy distributed flyers and product samples to farmers. Pandoy is a real charmer; people gathered to have their picture taken with him. At the end of the day, the event was a good avenue for the team to be able to talk to farmers, give immediate inputs, and introduce LEADS Agri as a partner and its products as solutions for crop care.



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cutflower (1)


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Written by: Imee Chun