17th National Mango Congress

  • By Leads Agri
  • November 4, 2015
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The recent Mango Congress was held in The Grand Convention in Cebu City it was joined by around 300 delegates from across the country. The two-day Congress that happened last October 27-28, 2015 focused on the theme “Bracing the ill effects of climate change thru empowered mango industry associations.”

The Mango industry still continues to be one of the biggest contributors to Philippine Agriculture but sadly, the participants of the Congress feel like they get very little support from the National Government. Some areas such as Ilocos has been getting a great support from the Provincial Government, the governor providing funds for Mango growers to rehabilitate their farms. In some areas like in Cebu, the LGU support is felt at the level of the Mayor. Cebu City’s Mayor even sang in the event and charmed the crowd.

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Mang Carding, a satisfied user and a staple endorser of LEADS Agri  products, especially Domark Pro, talked about the problems of Mango growers and about how to improve Mango production profits. He urged the group to be one in solving the problems of the industry. He asked the help of the Visayas and Mindanao team to adjust production two months later so that the three main regions in the country do not produce an excess of Mangoes in the months of April and May which results to a very low price of Mango sales and a loss for the contractors. He also shared a couple of techniques that he has developed through the years, including using quality and trusted fungicide –Domark Pro. Mang Carding has won several local and national awards in Agriculture including the 2015 National Gawad Saka Award, and the prestigious Agri-Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015.

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Famous personalities in the Mango Industry, Media, and Agriculture dropped by the booth.
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Our partner from SQM also had a participation in the event. Dr. Steeve Oosthuyse shared how Ultrasol K, a brand distributed by LEADS is best used as flower inducer for Mangoes. LEADS Agri Booth was shared with SQM. The folks had fun answering our mini quiz questions all about mango! Wanna try the game? Send us an email for the questionnaire at marketing@leadsagri.com.

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Written by: Mara Balayan