14th National Vegetable Congress

  • By Leads Agri
  • October 30, 2015
  • Categories: News


LEADS Agri attended as an exhibitor at the 14th National Vegetable Congress and Agro-Industrial Trade Expo. This year’s expo was held at Cagayan De Oro and was hosted by the Normin Veggies Marketing Coop. The event was attended by representatives from all regions of the Philippines, each led by their local DA branches. There were 800 delegates in total.

Among the exciting things that were discussed include the Resolutions request for DA 2015-0007 which would encourage Private-Public Partnership, Establish Vegetable Seed Production Center, Regional offices to partner with State Universities, and increase support for Agri-biotech, among others.


Vegetable Situationer and the Industry Roadmap for “Safe and Quality Vegetable for a Healthy Nation” were also discussed. The major programs include focus on high value crops, how to be cost competitive toward import substitution, and how to add value to products and product development.

One of the on-going projects that has a significant impact is the organization of Agri Pinoy Trading Center. There are now 8 operational Agri-Pinoy Trading centers all over the Philippines and there are more proposals being reviewed.


LEADS Agri was among those who set-up a booth at the Lim Ket Kai Mall. It was a good avenue where an exchange of opinions and farmer practices took place between the guests and our LEADS Team. The booth was especially graced by our very energetic dancing Pandoy and everyone flocked for a photo and some dance moves.


Techno Demo  were also conducted and while the seeds businesses were the main cast of the play, our chemical products were also showcased.

Written by: Mara Balayan